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Shiva Part III. Im glad I have a photos that shows off the length of this wig! It was a huge feat to create this look. Wefts were wrapped around fabricated tubes that were stuff with off cuts. Once completely covered each tube was stitched into the base of the wig and the original hair wrapped around to cover the attachements. The ends were then cut open and all the stuffing removed to remove some of the weight of the wig. Though hollow the tubes keep their shape due to the tauntness of how I wrapped and attached the wefts. Wefts are used to attach the rings to each tube. ? What A Big Camera #finalfantasy #ffx #finalfantasyx #ff10 #finalfantasy10 #shiva #summon #aeons #aeon #summoneryuna #paxaus #PAX #cosplay #cosplayer #girlswhocosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #geekgirl
I know he’s wrapped around his dads finger but baby Jack had me wrapped around his finger today. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Baby Jack and his cheeky goodness gave me all the nostalgia for my own baby Jack... not sure what it is about Jacks and their abundance of cheeks but holy am I ever a fan ? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #lifestylephotography #documentfamily #thefamilycollective #momtogs #clickinmoms #naturallight #thisisus #documentaryphotography #thefamilynarrative #canon #mapleridgephotographer #vancouverphotographer #letthembelittle #shotwithlove #collectivelycreate #theartofchildhood #familylove #childhoodunplugged #childhoodwonders #motherhood #shootandshare #kindredmemories #heartofhome #boldemotionalcolorful #childrenseemagic #pnwfamilies #childhoodunplugged #newborn
And just like that, today, on the first day of Autumn, our fourth trimester has come to a close. That Season of our lives has passed. . I was sitting out the back enjoying the warm evening breeze with Halcyon asleep on my lap and I placed my hand on her head thinking how much it has grown in just 3 short months. Her little hand reached up and her fingers wrapped around my index finger. I welled up because this was exactly how she was born. . . During her birth I had my hand on my vulva connecting, supporting and feeling as her head emerged. In the short pause we had between her head being fully born and waiting for her body to follow, as I was cradling her head in my hand, I felt a tiny hand wrap around my index finger. Her hand had been born with her head, the back of it pressed up against her face. The technical term is a ‘nuchal hand’ - the most common form of compound presentation and quite rare. It was one of the most beauty-full moments of my life. In between worlds we were holding hands ? . Replaying her birth in my mind during the days that followed, I thought I had said calmly - ‘oh, she’s holding my hand’. This moment was caught on video and in actuality I ROAR as the next surge comes on ‘THERE’S A HAND!!!!!’ ? I’ll share the footage one day if you’d like to see? ? . Our fourth trimester has flown by yet it feels like Halcy has been with us for much longer than 3 months. Summer has been a busy Season full of many events and milestones. . But within all of the mayhem we have consciously carved out so many slow moments where I have relished each second of this unique time that will lay the foundation for the rest of our lives together. . This being my 3rd ‘fourth trimester’, I knew just how critical supporting the Mother/Baby dyad is and I prepared accordingly. I planned well and communicated my needs to ensure Halcy’s unfurling Earthside was as gentle as possible, and my recovery from birth and transition to Mother of 3 was as supported as every woman’s should be. . . You can check out my story highlights for a peak into our fourth trimester and I’m going to talk about this sacred time in my next post too because IT’S SO IMPORTANT ?
Check out this absolutely stunning shrug perfect for Spring! Paired with a stunning Kantha silk Sari bead necklace this truly will gladden every heart ? I personally love these shrugs as apart from being created from beautiful textiles and hand stitched using the age old Kantha technique,they are made from handpicked vintage saris and each and every piece is unique in design. The cool part about these shrugs are that these are fully reversible and very versatile.Wear them loose; wear them wrapped around your body and closed with a belt. Wear them over jeans; over a dress; over a sari; over a shirt or sweater. Wear them in balmy weather; wear them in hot weather, draped over your shoulders to protect you from the sun; wear them in cold weather over a sweater and tight around your neck. Wear them inside out. Wear them outside in. You can even wear them upside down to adjust the length at the back. However you wear them, they look fabulous! Each piece is unique - you will never see the same combination of fabrics and threads twice. The kantha is of the highest quality, stitched by women whose families have been sewing kantha for generations in the kantha heartland: West Bengal, India. The shrug undergoes at least seven steps of quality control. Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process. #kantha #kanthashrug #shrugs #shrugstyle #sustainablefashion #slowfashion #versatile #upcycledfashion #beautifultextiles #kanthastitch #fullyreversible #ethicalfashion #ecofriendly #eachpieceunique #handmade #madebywomenforwomen #womenempoweringwomen
Καλο Μηνα ..... The Ancient Greek Τradition of March... According to the spring tradition of “Marti” or “Martia,” adults and children wear a small bracelet made of red and white thread from March 1st till the 31st. The tradition dates back to ancient Greece and is held throughout the Balkans. It is believed that the custom of “Martis” origins in Ancient Greece and specifically in the Eleusinian Mysteries, when the people who participated used to wear a thread named “Kroki” around their right hand and left foot. Nowadays, the custom is still carried on with the red and white threaded bracelet and it is worn throughout the whole month of March. The bracelet is threaded on the last day of February. The bracelet was said to protect from diseases and the rays of the sun, which are supposed to be very strong during March. Back in the days, dark skin signified impurity, especially for girls, for whom the beauty standards dictated that skin should be pale and the cheeks rosy. In several regions in Greece, at the end of the month, the bracelet is placed on rose buses after they’ve seen the first swallow, so it can pick it up and build its nest. In other regions, the bracelet is wrapped around pitchers in order to protect the water from the sun and keep it cold. Others tie the bracelet around a tree so that it fructifies. #kalamata2019 #moments #beach #vibes #ambiance #instakalamata #kalamata #spring2019 #travel #καλομηνα #greece #vacationrentals #friday #studiorentals #march #seaside #beautiful #peloponnese #kalamatagreece #follow #like4like #holidays #holidayrentals #followme #traveling #TagsForLikes #instatraveling #instadaily
. . شفتك وشافت عيني النور طلع الفجر في ناظري لاح . . . معلومات بسيطه عن الكافيه فالأسفل ?? . . . 16/01/2019 . . @arthousecafead . . #AMAZING_PLACES_11 #Dana_cafe #Dana_ad ---------------------------------------------- . . . ‎البلد: #الامارات_العربية_المتحدة ‎المدينة : #أبوظبي اسم المكان: #ارت_هاوس_كافيه . . #خالد_صديق_المطوع ، صاحب #مقهى_آرت_هاوس الذي يملك أيضا معرض الفن الحديث في الاتحاد انشأ مقهى مستدام و #صديق_للبيئة ومهمته هي بالتأكيد. المقهى والشرفة بنيت حرفيا حول الأشجار فرانجيباني التي ترتدي القمصان المعاد تدويرها ملفوفة حول الجذع. تم استخدام علب الغاز ورسمت باللون الأخضر ويتم تحويل صناديق معدنية والسلال والأسلاك إلى معلقات في السقف بينما زجاجات وأعمال الأنابيب يتم تجديدها في مصابيح الحائط. . ----------------------------------------------. Country: #UAE City: #AD #Abu_Dhabi Place: #art_house_cafe . #Khaled_Seddiq_AlMutawa, the owner of Art House Café who also owns the Etihad Modern Art Gallery wanted to create a sustainable and eco-friendly café and his mission is definitely achieved. The café and the veranda are literally built around the frangipani trees that are dressed for the occasion with recycled t-shirts wrapped around the trunk. Gas canisters painted in green are turned into colorful stools and perfectly fit with the table bar. Metal bins and wire netting baskets are turned into ceiling pendants while glass bottles and pipe works are revamped into wall lamps. . #Love #Happy #pic #Emirati #InAbuDhabi #art #amazing #luxury #cafe #arthousecafead
Snake medicine. I was hiking a couple miles today and suddenly felt this calling to stop at a not-so-extraordinary point on the trail. I felt her before I saw her. I sensed a presence. I looked around, deep into the woods and saw and heard nothing. Then I looked up. Above me the 5-6 foot black snake rested entwined with the branches of the tree. I felt her. I sensed her presence before I saw her with my eyes. So wild! As I continued to hike and embody the experience, I remembered that I had pulled the Mother of Wands card for March. A mother snake wrapped around her eggs, protective, beautiful and fierce. Snake medicine teaches that transformation, the shedding of old skin, is inevitable, and to stay grounded while rising spiritually. Root chakra love. Feeling this so so deeply. Giving thanks for the signs, the lessons, the growth and the expansion. ? #snakemedicine #spiritguides #wildearthmama #kundalini #rootchakra #rewilding #wildunknowntarot
My favourite level @blancheworld taught by my fave @marcyhod ❤️ This turned out better than I had planned. I used hair doughnuts ? built up and then wrapped around hair to match Bella’s hair! I sewed the ? ‘s together and attached to her head. Then wrapped her natural hair over :) Love the glowy makeup look I did also! Blazer brought to you by @judevilela @bella__alexandria When your friends are this gorg you have to get them to model for your photoshoots.
Magical happenstance; when you happen to be in just the right place at just the right time and with the presence of mind to capture it. Here is a prime example: being at the north entrance of Yellowstone Nat’l Park in the middle of winter, at 5 am. Mittened-hands wrapped around my steamy coffee mug. The outside temperature shows 8°. Waiting in darkness. Waiting for the sunrise. My cup is almost empty when I start to see a long dark shape. Very slowly at first, I begin to make out the silhouette of the jagged peaks of a wide, expansive mountain range. Truly, there is magic in this waiting-to-see moment. After an hour in pre-dawn, a pale light slowly begins to fill the sky. It’s as if the whole world is taking in a long, slow, deep breath. But almost immediately after this initial start up, things begin to speed up and it almost feels like I’ve entered a time warp that is bending reality because the color changes are happening rapidly. Somehow, somewhere, a fast-forward button got pushed. As an artist who savors mixing colors for my canvases, I am in ‘color heaven’ watching this evolution as the hues increase in saturation and in velocity. In my mind, I’m mixing colors as fast as I can; Titanium White with Cadmium Lemon Pale. Add now a tiny bit of Yellow Ochre. No, that’s now Cadmium Yellow Medium and a tad of Cad Orange. Which becomes, Cad Orange with a speck of Alizarin Crimson. And don’t forget the Transparent Iron Oxide Red. The colors are evolving so fast ..... WAIT! Are those American bison? (No color enhancements or filters were used, you are seeing exactly what I saw and witnessed.) look around, happenstance is all around you. . . . . . . #sunsetinthemountains #sunrise_sunset_photogroup #sunrise_pics #Colorinspiration #capturingcolor #chasingthesun #sunriseoftheday #Bisons #Americanbison #discover_wyoming #explorewyoming #lanscapephotograghy #landscapephotography #wonderland #landscapelovers #instalandscape #wonderlust #landscape_capture #view #trekking #landscape_lover #wildlifephoto #igswildlife #wildlifeaddict #wildlifevision #wildlifeshots #Wildlifelovers #Wildlifephotos #Wildlife_inspired #Naturelovers
My morning walk with my dog is one of my favourite times of the day. When I’m not too immersed in my own thoughts and actually pay attention to what is around me (it’s far too easy to overlook things when we are in very familiar surroundings) I’m constantly amazed by bits of beauty, and even surprised by the unexpected. Pussywillows beginning to “bloom”—a reminder spring is on the way. A snake in the tree? ? haha. The way the snow wrapped around the fallen trunk it sure looked like it! And “pictures” on a different tree trunk. What do you see on the trunk? My girls and I saw very different pictures. Even the every day ordinary can be an adventure when we live with our eyes open to all that’s around. #everydayordinary #eyeswideopen #nature #seasons #beauty #imagination #presentmoment #livingmindfully #livingwell #livingfully #godhasasenseofhumor #appreciatinglife #thelittlethings